Natomas Vending Machines Customized to Your Needs

Natomas vending machines and water filtrationGive your team easy access to their favorite refreshments with our Natomas vending service. Our modern Natomas vending machines can offer fresh food, snacks, and beverages. We’ll create the perfect mix of your favorite local products, healthy snacks, and popular national brands for the vending machines in your Natomas break room. Customers can pay using cashless payment methods such as credit cards and mobile wallets. In addition, we monitor inventory remotely and ensure the vending machines are always
fully stocked.

Engage Employees with our Natomas Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Natomas office coffee and vending serviceStart your day off right with our Natomas office coffee service. From specialty coffees to our gourmet office tea service, you can enjoy your favorite drink every day. Our Natomas office coffee service features the latest in office coffee equipment. Sip a latte from our single-cup coffee brewer or whole-bean coffee ground on-demand with our bean-to-cup coffee machine. We also offer a traditional office coffee service that allows you to make coffee by the pot. Our Natomas water filtration system can also bring employees to your break room for fresh, filtered water. Chatting over a coffee or glass of water can motivate employees and help create a positive company culture.

Natomas Micro-Markets Boost Energy Levels

Natomas micro-markets and beverage vending machinesKeep your team energized with an innovative break room service. Our Natomas micro-market service offers a customized selection of products including fresh foods, beverages, and tasty snacks. Your employees can find nutritious meals and grab-and-go snacks 24/7. After browsing the open market, customers can pay using a credit card or mobile wallet. You won’t have to lift a finger. We run our Natomas micro-markets smoothly, from inventory management to maintenance and restocking. Enjoy the many benefits of a micro-market in your Natomas break room.

Indulge Your Team with a Natomas Office Pantry Service

Natomas office pantry service and food vending machinesWhen your employees need a snack between meetings and emails, they can enjoy tasty refreshments from your Natomas office pantry service. We will help you create a custom office pantry that includes the ideal mix of snacks and beverages. Working within your budget and space, we’ll ensure your Natomas break room will always be ready to enjoy. Employees can access snacks whenever they’d like. This employee benefit can help make your Natomas workplace stand out to new talent while also improving morale.

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