Reward Employees with a
Micro-Market in Sacramento

micro markets in Sacramento

Boost On-Site Energy Levels with a Sacramento Micro-Market

Our Sacramento micro-markets feature an open-style layout that enables employees to conveniently purchase snacks, beverages, and fresh and frozen food without having to leave the building. The self-checkout kiosk allows them to pay for their items using their preferred payment method, making the process seamless and hassle-free. Additionally, our market rewards program offers office-wide deals and loyalty points, ensuring that everyone benefits.


Customize Your
Sacramento Break Room

Customize your menu to your company! Cater to your employees with their favorite drinks, snacks, and foods you offer in your Sacramento micro-market to ensure employee preferences are met. You can keep your choices interesting and up-to-date by rotating your selection frequently. Our range of products includes both indulgent and nutritious options to satisfy and energize each member of your team.

Why Choose Legend Vending for Your
Sacramento Break Room?

micro markets in Sacramento

These on-site convenience stores are unattended, secure, and open 24/7, thanks to our user-friendly self-checkout kiosks.

micro market service in Sacramento

We provide a custom framework for your Sacramento micro-market – even custom cabinetry if needed – because no two companies are exactly alike.

micro market services in Sacramento

By giving your employees a space to relax and refuel together, you can increase morale and collaboration in the workplace.

micro market solutions in Sacramento

We offer happy hour specials and quarterly promotions in our micro-markets for maximum rewards and incentives for employees.

Sacramento micro markets

Take It to the Next Level With Subsidized Micro-Markets

Subsidize your Sacramento micro-market to provide an added benefit to your team by partially or fully covering the cost of refreshments. This added incentive encourages employees to take their breaks on the premises and provides them with the fuel to make their day as valuable and efficient as possible.

Subsidize my micro-market

Fuel your team with a micro-market in Sacramento!
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