Citrus Heights Vending Machines Customized to Your Needs

Citrus Heights vending service and water filtration serviceTake your Citrus Heights break room to the next level with our modern vending service. We offer a range of Citrus Heights vending services including fresh food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending. Or, try our healthy vending service to support wellness in your workplace. No matter what your preference is, we can create a custom mix of products that match your preferences and needs. Our Citrus Heights vending machines accept multiple payment methods including cashless payments. We monitor inventory from afar so that your break room is always fully stocked.

Increase Productivity by Upgrading Your Citrus Heights Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Citrus Heights office coffee service and beverage vending machinesBoost motivation and productivity by adding a coffee bar to your Citrus Heights break room. Rivaling the local café, our Citrus Heights office coffee service offers specialty drinks, cold brew, and quality roasts. We can create an office coffee service that matches your needs. Try our single-cup coffee machine or our bean-to-cup service. Traditional coffee service is perfect for making pots of coffee to serve at meetings and events. Additionally, we’ll stock your break room with essentials such as creamer, sweeteners, stir sticks, and more. Complete your hydration station by adding our Citrus Heights water filtration service. Serving pure water free of chemicals, our water filtration systems also improve the taste of coffee and tea.

Innovative and Modern Citrus Heights Micro-Markets

Citrus Heights micro-markets and food vending machinesUpgrade your Citrus Heights break room by offering a wider range of refreshments. Employees can shop for fresh salads, sandwiches, tasty snacks, and refreshing beverages in your new Citrus Heights micro-market. We can include a range of healthy options, indulgent sweets, and favorite snack foods. With our Citrus Heights micro-market service, your team can access quality snacks 24/7. Whether they need to grab a coffee before an early meeting or snacks while meeting a deadline, employees can find what they need onsite. Plus, we accept multiple payment options for a convenient check-out.

Our Citrus Heights Office Pantry Service Offers Employees Free Snacks and Drinks

Citrus Heights office pantry service and healthy vending machinesAdding another employee benefit to your company's perks can motivate your team. One cost-effective solution is a Citrus Heights office pantry service. An office pantry serves free snacks and beverages to your hardworking employees. We offer a customized service that caters to your budget and dietary preferences. Plus, we design your Citrus Heights office pantry to fit beautifully into your break room space. Improve your Citrus Heights break room with an attractive office pantry.

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