Stock Your Break Room with Antelope Vending Machines

Antelope vending service and water filtration serviceAdding quality refreshments to your break room is easy with our Antelope vending service. We offer a variety of options including food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending machines. Employees can easily purchase a grab-and-go snack or tasty meal within your Antelope break room. We offer modern vending solutions that accept the latest payment options including mobile wallets and credit cards. We’ll ensure your employees always have access to refreshments by restocking our Antelope vending machines and providing regular maintenance.

Antelope Coffee and Water Filtration Services Save Employees Time and Money

Antelope office coffee service and beverage vending machinesBrew coffee that rivals the local café with our Antelope office coffee service. Instead of heading out on a coffee run, your employees can enjoy gourmet coffees and teas in the break room. Choose from our single-cup coffee machines, bean-to-cup coffee brewers, and traditional office coffee service. Employees can make a perfect cup of coffee using creamer and sugar that we’ll also stock in your Antelope break room. Add the finishing touch to your break room with our Antelope water filtration service. Our plumbed-in water coolers serve hot or cold water free of impurities.

Upgrade Your Refreshments with an Antelope

Antelope micro-markets and food vending machinesCreate a modern break room with our Antelope micro-market service. Employees can browse glass-front coolers filled with sandwiches, wraps, salads, dairy products, and beverages. Additionally, open shelves offer a wide range of tasty snacks, healthy options, and favorite local products. After selecting items, customers can pay independently at the self-serve kiosk. This Antelope break room service makes it convenient for employees to stay onsite during breaks, improving morale and productivity. Reward your employees with a subsidized Antelope micro-market in which you partially or fully cover the cost of refreshments. Our team manages everything, ensuring your micro-market is always fully stocked and functioning.

Our Antelope Office Pantry Service Increases
Employee Satisfaction

Antelope office pantry service and healthy vending machinesIncrease employee satisfaction by offering complimentary refreshments in your Antelope break room. Our Antelope office pantry service is customized to your needs and budget. Let us know what types of snacks you’d like to serve, and we can create the ideal menu. From healthy snacks to tasty treats, motivate your team with a range of refreshments. In addition to boosting morale, an Antelope office pantry can also help your workplace stand out to new talent.

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