Profit Sharing Program and Bonuses

Our profit sharing program provides additional revenues to your organization. This is done by providing a portion of the sales to you from the vending service. The program is based on a percentage to be paid monthly. Percentage of revenue shared will be determine by the item price in vending machines.

We at Legend Vending Inc. look at our client as partners in our service. Some ways we do this is by providing our customers with different bonuses to enhance the vending program.

*Free sodas

*Free snacks

*Sponsors employee activities


Subsidized Vending Program

Sharing the cost of vended products with your employees is an innovative way to reward them. Products are tracked by internal vending machine meters, our handheld computers, and regular machine inventories.

Monthly invoices from Legend Vending show in detail what products were purchased, in addition to the subsidized balance due.